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Up to 5 million people use the tube every day. What are you breathing in?

Air quality on the London Underground is a hot topic in the press.

"The Dirtiest Place in the City," says the Financial Times. "30 times worse than congested roads above," concludes the Independent. "More toxic than a BRICK FACTORY," cites the Daily Mail.

Of course, the tube network has its fair share of regular dust, from passengers' clothing fibres, skin cells and hair. But it also contains particles you wouldn't find in any great amounts at home. As trains brake, friction between the wheels and rails, and the brakes and the wheels, produces iron-rich dust called maghemite. This is then suspended in the air and pushed through the tunnels of the underground network.

Are these dust particles dangerous?

A recent study by the University of Cambridge supported the claims around London's underground pollution and revealed high levels of maghemite were present.

These particles can enter the lungs and the bloodstream. What the Cambridge study confirmed, is that maghemite particles linger in the underground network for long periods due to a lack of sufficient ventilation.

Not all stations and lines are equal when it comes to dust particles and the results may surprise you...these are the top 3 dirtiest tube lines:

1. The Victoria line has come up in peer-reviewed research articles as the dustiest line.

2. This is followed by the Northern and Bakerloo lines.

3. Lastly, the District and Hammersmith and City are the least dusty overall. These lines are just below the surface, and are often open to the skies, therefore ventilation rates are naturally much better.

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